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Expanded offering launched by recruitment specialist Simpson Booth

Posted on May 17, 2016

Specialist recruitment business and HR consultancy Simpson Booth has launched a number of new divisions as its focus turns to the professional services and technology sectors.

The firm, founded in 2012 with headquarters in London and a presence in the north-east of Scotland, is expanding its offering as part of a growth strategy centred on diversification.

Simpson Booth specialises in tailored outsourced HR and recruitment solutions but is underpinned by traditional executive search, contingent recruitment and other HR support services.

Director Nina El-Imad said: "We are delighted to be taking the next important step in the development of Simpson Booth. The vision is to broaden our reach and use the core expertise we have in areas which provide a natural fit.

"The energy sector has provided the foundations upon which we have built the company and will continue to be integral to what we do, but we are embracing diversification.

"My own background is in professional services, having trained as a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser with a big four firm in London, before moving into industry. The insight and industry contacts developed over the course of two decades in finance and tax have helped shape our approach to what is a specialist sector. We have taken time to develop the strategy and services we are now bringing to market and we have been delighted with the award of a number of significant contracts over the past few months.

"In particular, we are servicing demand for high calibre audit, risk and tax candidates throughout the UK, including Aberdeen and London, for several leading accountancy firms. We have also been working with a number of companies in industry who are looking to strengthen their finance teams.

"In Aberdeen in particular it is an encouraging trend, given the general lull in recruitment due to the challenges in oil and gas and we are seeing an increasing number of experienced and skilled professionals who view a move from industry to private practice as a very attractive next step on their career path. We are committed to working with candidates and prospective employers to explore those opportunities."

Simpson Booth has enjoyed success with an innovative outsourcing model which has provided a cost-effective and scalable solution to the energy sector during the ongoing focus on efficiencies. That is now being rolled out to other industries, including the technology sector, and the company is currently in discussions about providing an outsourced recruitment service to a large international business with a significant presence in London.

Nina El-Imad added: "There are parallels to be drawn between what we are seeing in technology at present and what was the norm in oil and gas two or three years ago, with tremendous competition for individuals in a very specialist talent pool. Our systems are proven in that environment and we are using the experience we have gained in the oil and gas industry to actively develop our outsourcing business within the technology sector."

Simpson Booth achieved ISO9001:2008 accreditation for its executive search and outsourcing processes, in recognition of the company's commitment to leading in its field. Further information can be found at .