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Are you really getting the best value out of your people?

Posted on December 17, 2015

Over the last few weeks, I have seen a number of posts on LinkedIn from operations and project managers advertising available positions within their teams.It's obviously not unusual to see employees promoting vacancies within their own organisations on LinkedIn, but what was of interest to me was that many of those individuals request that candidate CVs be sent directly to them.

Those of you who don't work in the recruitment industry may not immediately see the problem with this. However, there are a number of reasons why having your hiring managers doing their own recruitment can be risky and inefficient:


In the current climate, we are receiving hundreds of applications per advertised job, with the majority not fitting the required specifications. The 'DIY' approach means that hiring managers will be flooded with applications, which they will need to spend a considerable amount of time sifting through. In all likelihood, only a handful of applicants will be suitable. The hiring managers will then need to screen them further to decide which ones to interview, in the same way a recruitment firm would. This is clearly not the best use of time of expensive hiring managers - wouldn't companies rather they were focusing on their day jobs?


As well as candidates applying to the hiring managers directly, any individual who posts a job on LinkedIn may also be hounded by recruiters who will be sending them CVs for the position. (We too would be submitting CVs to hiring managers in those situations!) The risk to the company is that they could end up in a commercial wrangle with recruitment businesses, by perhaps interviewing a candidate through an agency, without having agreed suitable terms and conditions with them. There is also the issue of candidate ownership - how will the hiring managers know if the same candidate has been submitted recently via another agency? In the worst case, the company could end up liable for more than one fee on the same candidate.The issue of candidate ownership is stacked in favour of the agency, and hiring managers need to be very wary of the consequences, even if the candidate submittal is uninvited! It's very unlikely that your hiring managers will be focused on these commercial aspects of the recruitment process.


There is a lot of compliance around the recruitment process. In order to protect the company from a future claim (e.g. age or sex discrimination) it's important that there is a suitable process in place to document why particular candidates have been selected over others. It's risky for companies to leave this responsibility to their hiring managers.


It's unlikely that the hiring managers are going to take the time to respond to each and every relevant applicant (and to do so would not be the best use of their day!) This lack of response to candidates can impact on a company's reputation in the marketplace. Clearly sometimes with the volumes involved, it is impractical to respond to every single applicant, particularly given the number of CVs received that are not within the required specification. However, those companies that have a system is place to acknowledge and respond to each relevant application (i.e. those individuals that they may have an interest in further down the line), are much better regarded by job-seekers.


As a result of the current climate, many businesses no longer have an in-house recruitment function and have reduced the size of their HR teams. This means that in some organisations, there is little or no control over the limited recruitment that is going on. We are seeing more and more situations where hiring managers being left to their own devices. It's understandable that in the absence of prescribed processes or support for the hiring managers, they are just doing it themselves.

Companies should really give some thought as to whether getting involved in the nuts and bolts of recruiting is the best use of their hiring managers' time?


You've guessed it – we can help you. In the current climate cost is understandably a big concern, but the outsourcing service we offer is a perfect solution to this dilemma:

  1. We provide you with a dedicated recruiter who will get to know your business and your hiring managers, at no cost to you. That person can spend some or all of his/her time in your offices and can fully integrate with your HR team.
  2. Where no system is in place, we deploy a cloud-hosted software tool to manage your entire recruitment process. This system allows you to build up an indexed database of candidates that is searchable and yours to keep going forward.This has considerable long-term value.
  3. The end-to-end recruitment process is taken care of - we can do everything from discussing the roles with the hiring managers, arranging internal approvals, drafting the job specifications, advertising the positions if necessary and shortlisting candidates suitable for interview. Our outsourcing process has an ISO9001:2008 accreditation, so you can be assured of the quality of the service being provided to you.
  4. We manage all the compliance around the recruitment process, which minimises the risk to your company of a future claim from a disgruntled applicant.
  5. You are not solely reliant on us to fill your vacancies - we liaise with and manage all the agencies you work with, on your behalf.We will help you to reduce cost in your supply chain, as well as the time you currently spend managing the various interfaces.
  6. You only pay for people you actually recruit - there are no up-front fees for the service provided.Even if you only anticipate a handful of recruitment requirements during 2016, this solution can work for you - it is not just for the big companies. If you would like to free up your hiring managers and reduce the risk to your organisation by partnering with a company you can rely on to take care of all of your recruitment needs, please get in touch with us for an initial discussion. ( / 07931 388 932).