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Vital to successful recruitment in any sector, whatever the role and whether on a temporary, contract or permanent basis, is a thorough understanding of the expectations and aspirations of potential candidates.


As a chartered accountant, one of our directors has herself had extensive experience in a number of financial roles, and had worked closely with the banking and financial services sector building up a wide network of contacts.

The key to our success is a state-of-the-art methodology that makes use of all appropriate channels, including social media, to actively seek out candidates to match the client's brief.

Unlike the more traditional and passive, advertisement-based approach, this has the advantage of delivering a shortlist that is not only suitably qualified but also highly motivated.

As with other sectors, clients may also benefit from outsourcing their recruitment and/or HR function to us. In our experience this can de-risk the process, enhance your reputation and cut recruitment costs by around 30%, resulting in considerable savings in both time and resources.